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CB Radio For VW Campers

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Lots of advice & info on choosing, installing, fine-tuning and using CB Radio in VDubs!
Mostly about VW Campers but equally applicable to Beetles, Bajas and Beetle based Kitcars/Buggies as well as the obvious Camper dirivatives, Transporters, Crewcabs, Syncros
CB Radio is cheap to buy, easy to install and can give a vehicle-to-vehicle range of upto 5/6 miles... ideal for friends travelling together on club outings, trips away, cruises etc - and it's not affected by the mobile phone "handsfree" laws so is perfectly legal to use while driving.
Vdub-CB is run by Communication Eleven the Surrey, UK based CB Radio Specialists (Est.1996) and hosted within our main site 4x4cb.com (much more than just CB's for 4x4's!)
You don't need to be any kind of expert to install it yourself - we give you all the information you'll need (in plain English, not radio-tech speak!) and we carry many Package Deals and Starter Packs where all you have to do is choose the colour and size of the aerial and how you would like to fix it to your Vdub (we explain all the options here too) ... this is all in our main pages, but if you'd prefer to speak to us, you can call on 01306-881137 ... we speak your language (we know a splitty from a T4 from a T5) and have been specialists selling just CB Radio equipment since 1996 and using it since 1981.
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